Boy, do we have stories

The Astronomy page on this site tells just one of those stories, but we've got a million more of 'em and we publish them every week here at Delta in a little publication we call The Delta Goodtimes!.


Jaxon, sort of.

Delta Good Times

Here are some pages from Delta's weekly newspaper. Darlene really captures well the spirit and liveliness that courses through the halls here at Delta...


A Word About Activities...

An activity is not simply about spending or passing time but rather about making time meaningful to individu­als. The Activity staff at Delta are impas­sioned about the work we do and by the results. Those results are responses we get from the residents. They range from cheers and claps from some of our friends to a chuckle or smile from others. Sometimes we know we have captured the interest of a non-verbal resident from their expres­sion or just because they are keeping eye contact with us! We want you to know that making activities possible and mean­ingful to the people we serve is a privilege and we love it!


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